Boiler maintenance

Like most major appliances, boilers require a mainteregularly basis to ensure their safe and efficient operation. Annual boiler maintenance should always be conducted by a Gas Safe Registered Boiler Maintenance engineer. When carried out by a qualified professional, boiler maintenance should result in minimal disruption with a routine service usually taking approximately one hour.

Regardless of whether your boiler in London is new or old, all boilers will benefit from regular boiler maintenance. All brands recommend that your boiler should be subjected to routine maintenance once per year. Routine boiler maintenance will minimise the likelihood of larger repairs, ensure that the boiler operates at optimal efficiency, and increase the lifespan of your boiler while ensuring the safe operation of your unit at all times. Although they are rare, gas leaks can be extremely dangerous to you and your home. By having a professional maintain your regular basis, you can protect yourself from any possible safety hazards.

Whether you have a Vaillant, Baxi, or Worcester boiler, annual maintenance checks are very important to ensure that your boiler is operating to the exact specifications of the manufacturer. From Vaillant boiler maintenance to Worcester boiler maintenance, Baxi systems to Ideal, we specialise in long-term heating solutions for your home. In doing so, the lifespan of the boiler is increased while minimising the possibility of minor faults or expensive repairs in the future. As boilers age, the efficiency gradually deteriorates with use. This is usually caused by soot production during the combustion process and changes in the combustion ratio due to component wear. A boiler maintenance check by a qualified engineer can address all of these issues.

Why is boiler maintenance important?

With fuel and energy costs continuing to rise, efficiency for boilers in London is more critical than ever beSeveralber of benefits are associated with routine boiler maintenance including:

  • Saving money: Routine maintenance can help to prevent larger repair jobs in the future while also ensuring efficient operation of your unit resulting in lower heating bills.


  • Saving lives: Although rare, carbon monoxide poisoning caused by faulty boilers can severalber of dangerous symptoms and even death. Regular maintenance prevents leaks.


  • Saving legal headaches: Property owners have a legal responsibility to ensure that tenants obtain an annual Gas Safety Certificate from qualified Gas Safe Registered boiler engineers.

Like vehicles, boilers in London can continue to operate for years without regular maintenance but this will come at the price of increased fuel consumption and less reliability which could even result in safety implications. NXG Home Services can provide you with annual boiler maintenance to help you save money, ensure reliability, and protect your safety. Let us keep your boiler running at high efficiency while ensuring that it continues to run for as long as possible. With competitive prices, no hidden fees, prompt service, and qualified engineers, NXG Home Services is the first choice for boiler maintenance in London.