Central heating maintenance

Central heating maintenance is essential. Regardless of how old your central heating system may be, regular maintenance will ensure that it lasts longer and operates more efficiently. A central heating system that has not been maintained regularly is highly vulnerable to break downs during the colder months when increased stress is placed on the system. This can easily result in unexpected and expensive repair bills.

Property owners can take preventative measures to ensure break downs do not occur by making sure that your system is maintained on a regular basis. Most people can measure whether their systems are functioning but what they cannot measure is whether they are running efficiently. As central heating systems age, they become less efficient without regular maintenance resulting in higher energy bills for property owners.

Benefits of preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance of your central heating can significantly reduce the likelihood of component failures or leaks and flooding in tanks. Leaks can have the potential to put your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning increasing the dangers associated with irregular maintenance. Heating systems operate inconspicuously and when components break, repair costs can be high.

By contacting a professional at Noven Heating for annual maintenance on your central heating system, we can help to ensure:

  • Lower energy bills: Our engineers will ensure that your system is fine tuned for optimal and efficient performance to reduce the strain on your system and the cost of your heating bill.
  • Longer lasting life: Faulty central heating systems are forced to work harder making them vulnerable to failure. Routine maintenance can extend the system’s natural lifecycle.
  • Less repairs: Preventative maintenance can expose minor faults in your system that could spiral into a hefty repair bill if left unattended. We resolve issues before they become problems.

From dirty filters to poor air flow, there are several culprits that can prevent your system from operating the way you want it. Allow a professional from NXG Heating to inspect your system to ensure that it is operating as it should.

Get ready for winter

Central heating systems commonly begin to develop problems at sign of first frost when increased pressure is placed on the system. By providing your system with routine maintenance before the winter arrives, you can ensure that your system will be keeping you comfortable all winter long without any interruption. Alternatively, if your entire system is old and regularly experiences faults we would be pleased to offer full central heating installation. London installations are our specialism so please don’t hesitate to get in touch for a quote.

Ask about our Power Flush and MagnaClean services for enhanced efficiency and lower energy bills.