Free quotes & advice

Free quotes & advice

Your boiler and central heating system are one of the most important investments that you make in your home. Like any investment, it is always important to protect it and to ensure that you get the best out of it in the long term. With NXG Heating’s free boiler quotes and expert advice with no obligation, we can help to ensure that your boiler investment delivers the best performance to your home every year.

Boiler Maintenance

Annual boiler servicing is truly the best way to ensure that your boiler continues to operate safely and efficiently. It will also dramatically reduce the likelihood of any costly repairs or inconvenient breakdowns. When you choose NXG Heating for your annual boiler maintenance, we can identify any possible deficiencies or repairs that may be required. Our professional Gas Safe registered engineers will provide you with an honest assessment of the operation of your boiler and any recommendations on how its performance can be improved. This advice is always free and clients are provided with a complimentary no obligation quotation should they decide to proceed with the work. Regular boiler and central heating maintenance are crucial to maintaining a healthy and efficient system.

Boiler Reconditioning and Updating

If you are working with an older boiler, it may be possible to provide a retrofit to increase the longevity of your system and improve its operational efficiency to reduce the cost of your monthly energy bills. If you think that your boiler might be a good candidate for a retrofit or even a replacement, NXG Heating can visit your property to provide you with a free complete assessment and advice on how to increase the lifespan and operational performance of your boiler. Our free quotations come with no obligation to commit to our services.

Boiler Repairs

No matter where you are in London or what type of boiler you have, NXG Heating can provide you with free advice on your boiler repairs. If you suspect the slightest problem or decreased performance of your boiler, it is in your best interests to call for an expert opinion immediately. Neglecting any boiler problems could result in the problem escalating leading to costly repairs or even a total breakdown. Malfunctioning boilers can be highly dangerous and even cause death. NXG Heating can offer you peace of mind by offering a thorough and honest assessment of your problem. We will provide you with honest advice on how to address the problem and a no-obligation quotation so that you know exactly what you are dealing with. There is no charge for a home visit to provide an expert opinion on what your next steps should be and there is no obligation to commit to our recommendations. Full quotes for breakdowns and repairs however will require an in-depth diagnostic assessment and incur a small fee as a result.

Boiler Installations

If you have noticed your monthly heating bills rising dramatically or you have discovered that it is time to replace your ageing boiler, NXG Heating’s British Gas trained engineers have got some free and friendly advice for you. With our years of experience in the industry, we are up to date on the latest technology that can improve the heating in your home and lower the cost of your monthly energy bills. If you would like to find out how we can help save you money, give us a call for some free advice. We can provide you with a hassle-free no obligation quotation on new boiler installations.

As a trusted name in London boiler repair and installation, NXG Heating’s experience and quality service speaks for itself. Our valued clients know that they can always count on our free advice, no obligation quotations, and affordable service to ensure that their boiler operates safely and efficiently. If you need assistance with your boiler, call us for free advice on your central heating system in London.