Cooker installation

NXG Heating is pleased to provide a professional gas cooker installation and disconnection service in London. With years of experience in the gas services industry, our professional Gas Safe registered engineers are well equipped to install a variety of cookers and brands all over London. Our high quality, affordable cooker installation service makes us the first choice for London home owners and landlords.

Whether you are installing a hob, gas cooker, ranges or built-in ovens, we will complete the job professionally, efficiently, and to the highest standards of safety. When you install a new cooker, it is important that the work is only completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. If not, the work will be considered illegal and may put your lives and your property insurance at risk.

The Gas Cooker Installation Process

Before we begin installing your new gas cooker, we evaluate your kitchen area to ensure that all existing gas connections satisfy all legal and safety requirements. After disconnecting your old cooker, we will conduct a complete inspection of your new product to ensure there are no deficiencies. Upon connecting the new cooker to the existing gas pipe, we conduct a gas pressure and gas tightness test to ensure that there are no leaks as safety is our highest priority. The cooker is then tested for full functionality to ensure that it meets industry standards and performs to the specifications of the manufacturer. We also conduct a comprehensive safety check to ensure that all devices are working correctly prior to issuing a Gas Safe Appliance Installation Certificate.

Why Choose NXG Heating for Cooker Installation?

With affordable rates and professional service, NXG Heating is a name that you can trust. Our cooker installation service starts at just £65.00* plus the cost of materials. Choose NXG Heating to enjoy:

  • Professional installation by a Gas Safe registered engineer
  • Comprehensive safety inspection to verify the cooker is ready for use
  • On-site gas safe appliance installation certificate
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Cooker Removal Service
  • Free No Obligation Quotations

*If your cooker installation requires more than 0.5m of pipework, additional charges will apply.

Helpful Hints for Seamless Gas Cooker Installation

  • Ensure that a live gas supply exists within 1.5 meters of your required location
  • Duel-Fuel Cookers require an electrical connection within 1.5 metres of the chosen location
  • If your gas cooker has an ignition, ensure that a 13 amp supply exists within 1.5 metres
  • Ensure that access to the installation space is clear and that your new cooker will fit
  • Make sure that no flammable or combustible materials are in the immediate vicinity

With affordable rates, professional installation, and quality service, installing a gas cooker in London has never been easier. As London’s leading installer of gas cookers, NXG Heating has the experience and expertise necessary for a seamless, hassle-free installation.