CP12 gas inspection

The CP12 Gas Inspection is an annual safety inspection of flues and boilers in properties to ensure that they are in safe working order. The inspection is required by law for all landlords.

If you are a landlord, you have a statutory duty under the current Gas Safety Regulations to ensure that all gas appliances, fittings, and flues under your control are safe. Landlords and their agents are also legally responsible for the safety of their tenants. In order to demonstrate compliance with these regulations, landlords must arrange an annual CP12 inspection conducted by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

The CP12 Central Heating Inspection

Landlords cannot obtain a Gas Safe Certificate until all of the necessary checks of the CP12 heating inspection have been completed and passed. As part of the CP12 inspection, the following tests will be performed:

  • Gas Tightness Test
  • Flue Gas Analysis
  • Burner Pressure and Gas Rate Tests
  • Installation Compliance Check
  • Ventilation Tests
  • Stability Check
  • Flame Failure Devices Test
  • Working and Standing Pressure Check

Landlord Duties for CP12 Boiler Inspections

In order for landlords to successfully demonstrate compliance under the Gas Safe regulations, a series of steps are recommended including:

  • Ensure that all gas equipment and appliances are repaired and maintained in safe condition
  • Ensure that annual CP12 Gas Inspections are completed at all properties
  • Ensure that all maintenance and checks are performed by a Gas Safe registered engineer
  • Retain records of all CP12 inspections for a minimum of two years
  • Submit a copy of the CP12 heating inspection to tenants within 28 days and prior to move-in
  • When using agents, ensure the contract states who is responsible for gas safety
  • Have your gas appliances and equipment checked before re-leasing properties

Regular Maintenance Benefits Landlords

In addition to annual inspections, NXG Heating highly recommends having your gas equipment and appliances serviced simultaneously. Regular maintenance of gas appliances will not only ensure the safe and efficient operation of your central heating system but it will also ensure that you pass your CP12 inspections without any unexpected and expensive repairs. Routine maintenance is recommended on an annual basis, particularly prior to re-leasing a property. By having your inspection and maintenance conducted simultaneously, you can minimise inconvenience and disruption for everyone involved.

Why Choose NXG Heating?

With years of experience conducting CP12 inspections in London, NXG Heating is a trusted name in the gas services industry. We can provide CP12 gas inspections starting at just £75 including a comprehensive inspection of up to two appliances. Other benefits include:

  • Complete testing by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer
  • Same Day On-Site CP12 Certification
  • Flexible Appointments for CP12 Inspections
  • Set Rates and No Hidden Fees

With NXG Heating’s professional and affordable service, CP12 heating inspections have never been easier. We can provide a free no-obligation quotation for your property. As a trusted name in London boiler inspections, let NXG Heating be your first choice for your annual London gas inspection.

CP12 Price List

    • CP12 Certificate for up to 2 Appliances
    • Each Additional Appliance
    • CP12 Certification and Boiler Service Package
  • £75.00