Sludge problems

Are you having sludge problems with your central heating service?
When air is present within your central heating system, it corrodes internally, creating black iron oxide sludge. The particles stick to all surfaces and the natural build up significantly reduces the efficiency and performance of your heating system.

Although there are various types of sludge, the most common contaminant is the black iron oxide sludge. These radiator sludge problems not only impair the performance of your system but can also put your system at risk of premature pump failure, valve failure, or even a complete boiler breakdown due to overheating.

With the combination of various metals including aluminium, steel, brass, and copper, combined with water, heat, and oxygen, the corrosion process usually begins almost immediately after installation unless an effective corrosion inhibitor has been used. That will minimize the chances of experiencing problems with sludge in the future.

As sludge, lime scale, and debris from the installation compound over time, they can sometimes turn solid and result in completely blocked pipes. One of the most common areas of blockage is at the cold feed where the sludge enters the system. There are countless ageing central heating systems all across London that are currently experiencing boiler noise and circulation problems due to the accumulation of sludge, scale, and corrosion. The circulation problems restrict the flow of hot water that result in your home taking longer to heat. In addition, there is increased pressure on pumps and valves causing them to wear faster and possibly fail.

Got Sludge?

If you begin to notice that the performance of your system is rapidly declining due to a central heating sludge problem, it is likely time for you to consider a power flush. Power flushing is the most effective and efficient method of cleaning your entire heating system including the boiler, valves, radiators, and circulating pipework. The powerful flow of fresh water removes debris from your system gradually restoring your ageing system back to life. You can literally power flush sludge problems away instantly eliminating fuel inefficiency, repeated pump failures, boiler noise, and poor circulation. This is often a much more affordable alternative to a complete boiler system replacement.

NXG Heating has been addressing sludge problems in London for years. Our professional Gas Safe registered engineers know exactly what it will take to tackle your boiler sludge problem and get your central heating system operating as good as new once again. If you believe that you may need a powerflush, why not give NXG Heating a call to find out our competitive rates and how we can save you money.