Vaillant boiler installation

As one of the leading brands in the United Kingdom, Vaillant is an ideal choice for your new London boiler installation. Each one of Vaillant’s range of ecoTEC boilers has been carefully designed to meet the varying customer needs for heat and hot water.

Vaillant boilers are built with efficiency, performance, reliability, and quality in mind reaching efficiency in excess of 90 percent. If you are replacing an old boiler, you can save nearly a third on your monthly heating bill as older boilers achieve only 65 percent efficiency on average.

All of Vaillant’s ecoTEC boilers are produced with high quality components that combine German engineering with quality British manufacturing. To meet the demands of different properties, these high efficiency gas units are available in three different types of boilers including:

  • Open vent boilers: This is a more traditional type of boiler that is commonly found in older houses. It is best suited to larger homes that have higher requirements for hot water.
  • System boilers: This boiler comes with an electric immersion heater within its hot water cylinder so that if your boiler breaks down, it is still possible to have hot water.
  • Combination boiler: This is an energy efficient unit that heats hot water only as needed. It is best suited for smaller homes or for households with minimal hot water requirements.

How do I choose the best Vaillant boiler?

Choosing the right heating system for your home is not always an easy task. In most cases, it is best left to a professional who can offer expert advice based on extensive experience and specialised knowledge. Our Vaillant specialists are experts in the extensive range of ecoTEC boilers and can help you to select the one that is most suitable for your property and needs.

Our Vaillant boiler installation process begins with a full assessment and survey of your property to determine your requirements. In order to enjoy maximum comfort and heat while at home, it is important to select the boiler that is appropriately sized for your property and family requirements. This is particularly important when hot water is likely to be used by multiple people simultaneously. After selecting the most appropriate boiler, we will provide you with a no obligation quotation for approval.

Comprehensive installation by Vaillant specialists

All of our installations are completed by professional Gas Safe registered heating engineers. Each British Gas trained engineer is a specialist in Vaillant products and installations. Using a trained professional for installation is critical for the safety of your property as well as to ensure that the heating system performs exactly as it has been designed to in order to optimise output and minimise fuel costs. Vaillant warranties are generally only valid when boilers are installed to manufacturer requirements.

Whether you select a combination boiler, open vent boiler, or system boiler, let our highly skilled team at NXG Heating install a modern high efficiency unit in your premises. In addition to our free consultation, our Vaillant installation service includes:

  • Standard one year workmanship guarantee
  • First year of free Vaillant servicing
  • Powerflush and MagnaClean filters
  • Gas Safe building regulations certificate
  • Registration of Vaillant boiler warranty
  • Professional advice on selection of new vaillant boiler
  • Boiler installation by Gas Safe registered Vaillant specialist
  • Competitively priced Vaillant boiler installations

We specialise in the fitting, service, and boiler installation for a wide range of Vaillant models. With competitive pricing, guaranteed service, and professional expertise, NXG Heating is London’s leading choice for Vaillant boiler installation.

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