Vaillant boiler service

Vaillant is known for providing the leading range of high efficiency boilers in the United Kingdom. Their award winning reputation makes them a popular choice in UK households. But like any other boiler, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that they perform optimally.

With a superior quality Vaillant boiler, proper servicing is increasingly important in order to protect your investment. Our Gas Safe registered engineers are specialists in a wide range of boilers and are able to carry out routine servicing all over London. Vaillant recommends that you get your boiler serviced every year for preventative maintenance purposes and to ensure that it performs to its potential.

Benefits of Vaillant boiler service

NXG Heating can ensure that your Vaillant boiler system performs to the best of its ability, maximising its energy output and minimizing your heating bill. Regular maintenance of your Vaillant boiler will help to prolong its lifespan and minimise the risk of carbon monoxide leaks that could pose a threat to your family. There are a number of benefits of annual service including:

  • Increasing efficiency of your boiler to reduce the cost of your energy bill
  • Reducing the likelihood of system breakdowns while minimising the risk of
  • costly repair bills
  • Ensuring your Vaillant warranty remains valid by remaining compliant with
  • maintenance standards
  • Minimising the risk of carbon monoxide leaks that can pose a danger to your
  • property

Our annual Vailant boiler service package is designed to ensure that your system continues to perform to its full potential. All boilers should be serviced every year to minimise risks of danger and to increase efficiency. Our annual service includes a comprehensive inspection of your gas boiler. Our professional engineers will inspect the physical condition of the boiler including air vents and pipework, carry out performance testing, and check flues for any wear. Any corrective action will be taken as necessary.

Our annual Vailant boiler service package includes:

  • Professional Vaillant boiler diagnostic and safety inspection for working faults
  • Work completed by Gas Safe registered Vaillant specialists
  • Fixed price on Vaillant services with no hidden costs
  • A comprehensive Vaillant inspection and testing
  • Combustion & performance testing
  • Burner pressure & gas rating
  • Inspection of all seals
  • Cleaning of boiler components as necessary
  • Cleaning of condensate trap (if applicable)
  • Re-pressure & inspection of expansion vessel (if applicable)
  • Inspection of all system components (tanks, cylinder, pump, valves, etc)
  • Bleed air vents on the system
  • Bleed radiators
  • Cleaning the magnetic filter (if applicable)

NXG Heating only uses genuine Vaillant parts for all servicing and repairs. With efficient service, competitive rates, and no hidden fees, NXG Heating is first choice for London Vaillant boiler repair.