Worcester boiler service

With the increased cost of operation and the health risks posed by an unmaintained Worcester boiler, London property owners are highly encouraged to have their systems serviced on an annual basis.

NXG Heating is highly experienced in delivering annual boiler service to ensure that your unit continues to operate safely and efficiently. By having your Worcester boiler serviced on a regular basis, you can rest assured that your boiler is performing to its maximum potential while minimising the cost of your monthly heating bill. In addition, it reduces the risk of any health and safety threats posed by carbon monoxide poisoning that can be caused by leaks in your system. Preventative inspections can also detect any minor faults in your Worcester boiler to ensure that they are addressed immediately before they become a large and expensive repair.

The importance of routine boiler servicing

Our servicing is carried out by Noven Heating’s highly qualified Gas Safe registered engineers who are specialists in Worcester boilers. We provide detailed care and attention to every unit regardless of age to ensure that it can operate to the best of its ability for your family. By obtaining regular service, you can protect your investment while prolonging the life of your Worcester boiler. Proper servicing combined with Worcester’s high standards and attention to detail have resulted in boilers that are still in operation more than three decades after being installed.

NXG Heating boiler engineers are deployed all over London regularly to provide annual servicing of Worcester boilers. During each service, a number of tests and inspections are performed to ensure that your boiler can continue to operate optimally and safely. Engineers begin with a visual inspection of your Worcester boiler to ensure that it meets current standards. The boiler is then fired to detect any faults followed by a series of checks on main boiler components, flue terminals, and gas valves. Parts are cleaned as necessary and a complete inspection on gas tightness is performed to ensure that no leaks are present that may put your family at risk.

Worcester boiler service includes:

  • Worcester boiler safety inspection for faults
  • Work completed by Gas Safe registered Worcester engineer
  • Set price on Worcester servicing with no hidden fees
  • A comprehensive Worcester inspection
  • Performance & combustion testing
  • Gas rating & burner pressure
  • Inspection of seals
  • Re-pressurisation & inspection of expansion vessel (if applicable)
  • Inspection of all boiler components (valves, cylinder, tanks, pump, etc)
  • Bleed air vents on the system
  • Bleed radiators
  • Cleaning the magnetic filter (if applicable)

Genuine parts are always used for our Worcester boiler services. With efficient service, competitive rates, and service guaranteed, NXG Heating is the leading choice for Worcester boiler servicing in London.