Gas certificate requirements

In order to obtain a gas certificate, you must be able to pass an annual inspection conducted by a Gas Safe registered engineer confirming that your central heating system and gas appliances are in safe working order.

Are You Putting Lives at Risk?

According to the law, gas safety certificates must be issued on an annual basis for each rented property. As a landlord, you are legally required to ensure that any gas appliance and gas flues that are provided for the use of tenants is subjected to annual checks.

Routine gas safety checks are able to detect a range of problems from faulty boilers to dangerous leaks. Faults in your central heating system can lead to explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning resulting in death.

Did You Know?

  • One in seven landlords is unaware that they carry legal responsibilities to have their properties checked annually for gas safety? Such landlords can face severe fines or imprisonment.
  • One in ten landlords could be putting the lives of their tenants at risk by not carrying out these compulsory annual gas safety checks. ( Shelter )

Landlord Certification Requirements

Landlords are legally responsible for the safety of their tenants in regards to gas safety.
The law requires that every landlord must:

  • Maintain and repair gas appliances, flues, and pipework
  • Ensure annual gas safety inspections are performed
  • Maintain records of each safety check on hand

What Must Be Checked to Satisfy Gas Certification Requirements?

Any portable or permanent gas appliance and flues at your property require annual gas safety inspections. These include:

  • Gas appliances owned by the landlord and provided for use by a tenant
  • Installation and pipework associated with tenant-owned gas appliances

The completion of landlord certification requirements can only be confirmed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Noven Heating has a team of qualified engineers that can complete comprehensive checks of central heating certificate requirements all across London.

Recommendations for Tenants:

  • Know your rights: Tenants must be provided with a copy of the gas certificate record annually.
  • Understand how to switch off gas: Landlords must instruct how to switch off the gas supply in the event that a leak is encountered. Leaks should always be reported immediately.
  • Confirm engineers are Gas Safe Registered: Any gas work or inspections must be performed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Always check identification before allowing work to proceed.
  • Know your responsibilities: If you own your own gas appliances, you are responsible as the landlord for their CP12 gas certificate requirements and routine maintenance.
  • Install carbon monoxide alarms: This is an affordable solution to ensure that you are not exposed to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.