Gas Safe registered

As a Gas Safe registered company, NXG Heating takes safety and the law seriously. Each and every single one of our professional central heating engineers are Gas Safe registered to ensure that they can work legally and safely on a range of gas appliances including fires, cookers, and boilers. As a result we can guarantee legal and safe expertise in boiler repair, central heating repair, London boiler services and more.

What is the Gas Safe register?

The Health and Safety Executive administers the Gas Safe register, the official list of gas engineers in the United Kingdom, Guernsey, and the Isle of Man that are legally permitted to work on gas appliances. It is a legal requirement that all gas engineers must be listed on the Gas Safe register.

The Gas Safe register replaced CORGI as the official gas registration body of Great Britain, the Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, and Guernsey. The primary focus of the register is to maintain and continually improve gas safety to the highest standards, while ensuring that all gas engineers are indeed qualified to work with gas. Operatives and businesses that are listed on the Gas Safe register have been designated competent to work with natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas.

The Gas Safe register works to protect the general public and keep families safe from the dangers of unsafe gas work by:

  • Conducting routine inspections of Gas Safe registered engineers
  • Investigating claims of unsafe gas work
  • Offering education to the public on the importance of gas safety
  • Tracking down gas engineers working illegally

All gas work must be completed by Gas Safe registered engineers

The Gas Safety Regulations 1998 state that in order for a business to engage in gas work within the scope of the Regulations, they should be listed on the Gas Safe register. All registered engineers carry a Gas Safe ID card. When requesting service, repair, or installation of any gas systems or appliances including cookers, boilers, and fires, consumers are encouraged to ask to see the identity card. The card will display a photograph, registration number, expiry date, and the types of work that the engineer is qualified for. This information can help consumers to confirm that they are in the hands of a trusted professional.

Why must I confirm that my gas engineer is Gas Safe registered?

Confirming that your gas engineer is Gas Safe registered will not only ensure that your installation, repair, or service is being conducted legally, but it will also ensure that it is being conducted safely. Gas is extremely dangerous and a threat to any family. Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause serious illness even leading to death. If anyone other than a Gas Safe registered engineer
completes work at your property, your family and your home could be at risk. Poorly fitted gas appliances can lead to explosions, leaks, fires, or carbon monoxide poisoning. That is why Gas Safe engineers are required for all gas work carried out anywhere in London and all over the United Kingdom. This includes the installation, repair, or servicing of a gas boiler, gas fire, and gas cooker installation, either range or hob.

NXG Heating ensures that each one of our dedicated industry professionals are Gas Safe registered engineers. As a Gas Safe registered business in London, we take safety seriously so that when you choose NXG Heating, you can rest assured that your home and your family are in good hands.